I Changed My Life, So Why Can’t You?

When it comes to life itself, there are a lot of paths that individuals find themselves driving on. Some are going to lead down roads to greatness, and others are going to leave people wondering what they’re really trying to accomplish with their time on this planet. I want to write an article that’s going to get people motivated, but I don’t know where to start. I find myself lacking motivation at times, but I have a family to care for and that can be enough in itself at times; but what do those that don’t have a family do for themselves? You can change your life, but you’re not doing it at this moment. Whether you think it’s money issues that are keeping you back, or something that just has to do with your personal relationships, there’s always going to be an excuse. I was full of excuses when I was down and out, but as soon as I met my wife, there was nothing that could stop be from being a better person.


I would steal and lie, and essentially do everything wrong that there was to do in life. I was into drugs and even on the brink of going to jail at one point. I felt like I couldn’t get any lower, but something funny happened – I found inspiration in the funniest place possible. I was watching a baseball game and I noticed that there was a little kid in the crowd trying to get a ball. It took him all game, and it was a good two or three hours of him trying to get himself a ball. He was persistent, and I thought to myself: “why doesn’t he just quit?”. The kid got a ball, and not only that, somebody on the field took notice of him throughout the game. He got a bunch of baseball gear, like jerseys and hats, and even got to meet the star of the team. He stuck to what he wanted the most, and even when things looked like they weren’t going to go his way, he kept pushing.


That’s what I wanted to tell of my readers today, that you need to keep on pushing. Changing my life wasn’t easy by any means, and I won’t sit here and tell you guys that it was; but it can be done. Grit and determination will take you a lot further than you would think in life, just ask anybody that has played a competitive sport. Better yet, just ask anyone who has lived a long enough life to know that things aren’t fair at times. Start by changing the little things in your life, the stuff that you can change with ease (and also the stuff you know that you’ll be able to change right away). Starting small and building up to the bigger issues should make the entire process much easier on your friends and family (as well as you).


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